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Wild Flower Meadow 12/04/2013

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I picked up a sample pack of wild flower seeds at a recent event. I decided to use the filled in fire pit from last summer as my site. I’ve also got into foraging for long bendy stems from the hedgerows around here to make obelisks (more in another post) and weaved fences for my vegetable patch. Now London does not have so many hedgerows, but there are country parks within London and one could probably find stems in local parks, which are spread throughout the capital.


I used the following method to construct this fence. I created it to keep the rabbits and Muntjacs out. The sticks in the middle are to keep the very fat pigeons from eating the seed before germination.

I put sturdy sticks into the ground at about 1/2 foot distances. The key is to ensure that the sticks can fit round the posts. If they are too tight then the sticks (unless very bendy e.g. willow) will snap. If too far apart you won’t get a tight fence that will last very long. So it is a bit of trial and error but this fence is actually my third one after surrounding two veg patches.

Once the posts are in you start laying the sticks. Place a stick horizontally behind a stick and then the stick will go round the outside of the next one along, and then inside the one after that until the whole stick is laid.


This image should help show the sticks starting from opposite sides of the post.

This image should help show the sticks starting from opposite sides of the post.

It is also possible to inter-weave two sticks together whilst going round two, but for a fence I’m not sure this is needed. I used this approach when making a willow obelisk.

Willow obelisk

So my suggestion for weaving a fence is after you’ve laid a stick. Go back to the beginning and lay a stick on top, but start from the other side of the post. So if you started on the inside, then start from the outside. After this I then picked up close to where the previous stick had ended and carried on until the fence was high enough to deter my rabbits and Muntjacs.

I finished off by putting sticks into the middle to deter the pigeons.

Sticks to ward off pigeons


Update June 2013:

I thought I’d update this post with a couple of pictures showing the meadow 1 1/2 months later.

Flowers growing June 2013 1073


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